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Our Mission

Inspire connection by bringing people together with the shared enjoyment of our donuts.


We believe in the power of our donuts

At umaido, we create more than just delicious donuts — we craft experiences. Every donut we make aims to invoke that shared "umai" moment — a universal expression of delight. Our belief is simple yet powerful: our donuts can unite diverse tastes and build a community bonded by the love of good food.

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Our Story

umaido was founded with a simple yet ambitious idea — to make the yummiest donuts in the world.

Discovering our "umai moment"

On a fateful trip to Japan, we discovered a new realm of donuts that sparked an 'umai' moment" — a delicious surprise that changed our culinary perspective.


Back in Winnipeg, inspired and eager, we founded Umaido in September 2022 with one clear goal: to bring this 'umai' moment to not just our loved ones, but to the world. Our unique donuts quickly resonated with the city, allowing us to expand our offerings beyond just mochi donuts.

As we continue to grow and push the boundaries of flavour, we invite you to be part of our journey. Welcome to our 'umai' world.

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